High Glucose Foods

High Glucose Foods

High glucose foods are recommended to be avoided by diabetics because they rapidly raise blood sugar to dangerous levels rather then release sugar to the blood gradually over time. High glucose foods are not necessarily just foods that contain a lot of common white sugar. These are also high carbohydrate foods that raise your blood glucose levels. On the other hand, not all foods high in sugars will raise blood glucose that fast, like most fruit. What you actually need to control and possibly avoid (at least in large quantities) is high glycemic foods. Please, note that high glucose foods and high glycemic foods are not always the same. Some foods high in glucose may have relatively low glycemic index, which means that they don't raise you blood sugar rapidly but do so gradually, so the energy is sustained in your body over time and you don't feel hungry again soon after the meal.

High glucose foods to avoid

  • White (refined) sugar and all products containing it. This product is high in calories and has no nutrients. Sugar glucose is rapidly absorbed to your blood stream, which causes very high sugar concentration in you blood and energy peaks immediately after eating sugar and then rapid falls in energy and craving for more sugars (the so called sugar addiction). That's why it is highly recommended to avoid all products that contain white sugar: candy, chocolate, pastry, sweetened juices (we'll touch upon juices later again), all sweet and soft drinks, Jelly, ice-creams and desserts, dried fruit with added sugar, milk shakes, yogurts or other dairy products with added sugar, chewing gum, jams and canned fruit with sugar. They are all high glucose foods sources. Today, it's probably easier to list products that don't contain white sugar.

  • Honey. Raw honey is a very useful product only when used in small quantities or occasionally as a substitute for sugar to sweeten some products (cottage cheese, oatmeals, tea). In large quantities, honey will rapidly raise blood glucose levels, with eventually affects your health.

  • All foods made of white flour or starchy foods (pastry, white bread, pancakes, muffins, cakes, doughnuts, hot dog buns, crispbread, croissants, pasta, white rice, potatos)

  • All commercial salad dressings

  • Saturated fats, including animal proteins found in some meats, hot dogs, bacon, poultry with skin, sausage beef or pork, high-fat dairy products.

  • Trans fats, like margarines (mostly found baked goods and processed snacks)

High glucose fruits

In spite of common belief, foods high in glucose are not just candies, chocolates, rolls, jams, or bakes products containing sugar. Fruits also contain a lot of sugars. Most of the sugar contained in fruit is called fructose, glucose is usually found is smaller proportion. Today, there is a lot of argument regarding the usefulness or harm of fructose against glucose, and many claims that fruits are bad for your health because of fructose and can even cause diabetes. In realty, it's high fructose corn syrup or juices that rapidly raise your blood sugar, and raw whole fruits are only good. If you don's have diabetes, just remember to eat grapes, dates and figs in limited amounts because they are very high in sugars. People with diabets should avoid these fruits or eat them in very small quantities.

This high glucose fruits list includes fruit with fructose/glucose ratio below 1:

  • grapes (glucose is also known as " grape sugar" because of large concentration in this fruit)
  • melons
  • dates
  • figs
  • apricots
  • peach
  • plum
  • cherries
  • mandarins

This high glucose fruits list includes fruit with generally high concentration of glucose, regardless of its ratio to fructose:

  • apple
  • date
  • grapes
  • raisin
  • plums

While healthy people can eat plenty of raw sweet fruit (not sweetened fruit or fruit juices!) without any risk for health, some of the useful fruit high in glucose foods are not good for diabetics. All dried fruits are also high glucose foods, which is understandable: as water leaves the fruit, glucose concentration per weight unit grows. If you have diabetes, dried fruit, especially raisins and dates, are high glucose foods to avoid.

High glucose foods with low fructose

This list of high glucose foods with low fructose low includes pineapples, blackberries, strawberries, rhubarb, lemons, limes, avocado and bananas.

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